Southern Lurcher Rescue

Why a lurcher?

The history of the lurcher as a type of hound dates back more than 400 years. Over that time, although originally bred as a hunting dog, the lurcher has become increasingly popular as a family pet.

Come in many shapes and sizes, with wide variations in size (ranging from Whippet to Deerhound), coat (smooth/broken/rough), and colouring;Are people friendly – very affectionate and extremely loyal;Possess on the whole a gentle nature and a great deal of intelligence;Are calm, sensitive, and generally obedient;Do not need huge amounts of exercise – but regular 30 minute outbursts of energy – and so make particularly good pets for outdoor-type families;Are hardy, robust and resilient;

“The lurcher, needless to say, makes a faithful family pet.”
—Stephen Foster, ‘Walking Ollie’

The Special Nutritional Needs of the Lurcher

As lurcher breeders of many years, we’ve gained a particular expertise in health conditions and complaints relevant to this special breed.

Over the years we’ve evolved what we feel a very refined approached to lurcher wellness, with include the following nutritional protocols

1/2 teaspoon Health Factory Phytoplankton for Dogs – per 30kg of body weight, Mixed with food. Packed with antiinflammatory nutrtients + EPA for joint health, this stuff has been incredible for our dogs.

Balanced diet of predominantly raw food with minimal grains (NB vegetarian diets are not appropriate, in our view)

Keepers Mix by Dorwest – a wonderful blend of wholefood nutrition. Great for their digestion.

Health Factory Iron (Nano Form) – This easily assimable iron supplement is pure liquid, therefore very easy to add to your dogs water. For those tending to anemia, it’s unbeatable.